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The Seven Faces [First Face The Gift of Blindness]

We are beginning a new chapter today- the fifth dimension – the seven faces

We will be looking at some stories of the past, using our acquired wisdom to superimpose our life and solve the equation of the moment. Receive a solution, as a reflection in a mirror. Inspire dynamic growth.

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Every physical challenge is embedded in a story of your karma
Karma of family, friends, even karma strangers. As we have matured as humanity our stimuli, highest inspiration comes from our external perception of our environment.
So today every moment of joy and every challenge presented would be inspired by another person in our life…but their inspiration will be where the solution will.

Looking at life from below
Looking at life from above

The problem with looking from below that it works and we create dogmas and believes which we have a hard time to let go of…as why would you give up something that works for the unknown…unless it is life and death…

When ‘new energy’ vertical energy comes into our resonance it makes our body dance…both physically and metaphorically. Expression of happiness is rarely logical ‘horizontal’ from below. (wonder if hell as a below concept and heaven as above came from a similar perspective. Also note these always are relative to the perspective, awareness of the observer, hell for one may be heaven for another)

So let’s have a ball !

Ego – inability to look from top down. A limiting moment which restricts the view from above.

When logic and conventional horizontal knowledge works to solve some challenge, we disconnect from the possibility of seeing from top and embrace ourselves in the success of the outcome.

As logic depends on the system of axioms that one excepts initially..we simply do not allow growth.

The pilot light – no matter how far we go from our vertical

In the past:

Intellectuals tend to hold on to axioms of logic. Even when proclaiming spirituality study they use the horizontal.

The common people, could not grasp the big ideas and had to be open to the top down vertical simply to survive. ( the quote of:… rich man going to heaven is as a camel going through the eye of a needle…rich not only in money but in knowledge as well.)

” the one who is when challenged does not resort only to a shortcut will grow”

Many ancient stories in many traditions are told of holy man as ‘beggars’ or those ‘who have not’ – but if… lost in translation they could be simply ‘seekers’ – those who recognize their limitations, looking to fill that which they perceive/feel as their emptiness. The exact definition of which they ‘don’t have’ lack or seek is left to the interpretation of society at that time.

First face – the gift blindness
Appearance of being blind to those things which do not inspire your growth.

As if the entire duration of the world’s existence is not considered by me to be even like the blink of an eye.

He does not look at ‘this world’ at all.

Looking and seeing. Time.

I am extremely old. But I’m completely young. I have not yet begun to live, but nevertheless I’m very old.

The blind beggar is like a person who is seeing. All of the time is for him like an instant, and he does not see. Ancient text.

Horizontal time not used for higher intention.

Thirsty and hungry for that which others may not even notice.

Horse put blinders so they do not see around get distrusted from their path.
Costume parties we may not recognize each other makes it more fun. Etc.

to be continued…

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