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The Seven Faces [Second Face The Face of Deafness]

We are continuing our new chapter today- the fifth dimension – the seven faces

A quick reminder: The difference between Blessings vs Gifts

Blindness – is the gift of long life (seeing through Gods eyes)

When we look outwards – at nature- as we resonate it in full – nature being a blessing and a gift – when we’re looking at nature we can see its uniqueness but we can also see its oneness, than can see the ‘the ultimate truth’ in it.
But when we are looking at others, we begin seeing limitations. We see ‘relative truth’ so we tend to judge, envy, we are afraid as we see the incomplete picture, we see blessings but not manifested or our faults in others.
So in the process of meditation we when we dedicate intention to awakening ‘blessings’ into ‘gifts’ than only can see yourself – when we look inwards we could see touch our blessings – awakening into gifts.

Buddhism talks about emptying the mind. Getting rid of the same horizontal for the benefit of attaining awakening and enlightenment.

First face —–>>

The gift of long life – the face of blindness
Appearance of being blind to those things which do not inspire your growth.

Second face —>>

The Face Deafness – the gift of good life

Profanity – ruin the sense of taste
Bribery – blinds the eyes of the wise
Sexual immorality – causes the sense of smell to be ruined. (perfume and endorphins )

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