Practical Spirituality and “Energy Liens”

Practical Spirituality Lecture
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A quick outline: Practical Spirituality:

* Diagnosis of Energy and the energy of LOVE
* The Energy in buying or selling a house
* What every real estate agents, buyers or sellers should know?
* Why some hoses do not sell or sold UNDERVALUED?
* How these Energy Laws extend to all life situations:Your Jobs, Your Businesses, Your Relationships Etc.
* Why you may feel better in one room than another?
* How to get more money for your house?
* What are ENERGETIC LIENS on Houses, Properties and Other Life Situations?
* How to ETHICALLY buy Houses for less?
* Why all Contracts, Written and Verbal are pacts with the Universe?
* Placing Spells on Others, and can someone place a spell on you?
* The power of love, relationships and helping those you love
* 2012 The end of the world, could be a good thing
* Can you really ask for A Miracle?
* And more