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Karma Scope 15

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Beyond resistance – higher realm

Angels as force of gravity
Angels in every grain and seed to make it grow
An angel inside a kitten which impels  it run and play and learn.

Resistance as a fallen angel
Loves and hates

Or you can think of “talent” programmed into our genes by evolution.

Eternity is in love with the creation of time. – William Blake

Eternity has opened portal into time.
And we are it.

An engel wipers Grow!
The one super angel – Evolve ! Evolve !

Q  We are spending alot of time on spiritual causes. My concern is that spiritual is only aspect of the human experience, what about physical, the sexyness, and emotional components?  It seems that i have become to spiritual and not catering to my physical sexyness with the opposite sex?

Energy and reality is one resonance
Until we keep it separate we cant come close

How do you feel connected to your
Do you get their experience?
Connection with others gets the energy higher
If a child was told of growing old they would not want to live
Seeing and feeling the past is possible
The chair which I do not see, does it exist ? Does it exist for me?

Thinking out of the mind, but from the third chakra perspective. Eat, mate, run…share ? Inspire? Grow /change ?

Troubled Karma and genetics or prefers position can be in your advantage once you start walking the path and get on your journey.

Within you there a embodied questions . These questions inspire you to search and to find answers which others can not possibly see. The unique predisposition and passion allows you to be diligent and stay persistent even if the solutions may require time and high effort. As these  challenges answer to your unique needs and desires you can stay on course long enough to be successful. Once you have overcome the challenges and found the answers you can share them with others.

The inability to chose nor to be persistent in your practice in isolation .

Isolation may mean strangers, people who you have no high expectations from or have high expectations of…

Working in the skies.
And Not in the body.
Working with our potential not with awareness , genetic, talent or skill…

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