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The Seven Faces [Sixth Face The Face of No Hands]-Part One

The face of “no hands”
The gift of “retrieving the arrow”

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The story of the Water Castle

There are 4 powers discussed here:
The power to retrieve an arrow
Giving by Receiving
Conferring Wisdom
And Holding back the Wind

The general question is :
Why does the story say that he had the power to shoot the arrow and then retrieve it? Why does it mention shooting? Would it not be better not to shoot the arrow in the first place?

But actually, shooting the arrow is in itself is part of the healing process.
If the wise man can shoot the arrow, then he can undo the spiritual damage at its very root. The wise man does it by identifying with the evil deed, and thus shooting the arrow.

It is taught that a person should draw people close with his right hand and repulse them with his left (Sotah 47a) This is also the concept of shooting an arrow and bringing it back.

Ten types of arrows denote ten types of spiritual damage caused by sin. The ten chakras.

We are to be in both internal harmony as external harmony.

The ten chakras are the sensors the tools we use to translate the state of our harmony into our physical awareness. Extending them as ways to feel and forms of conscious, but more so non conscious communication with our environment and other people.

The symbolism of a man and a woman.

Poison- unclean reflection of truth
Fear and reactive forces which come from Misunderstanding the unity of things.
Often this may express in sexual misdeeds as sexuality caries the highest levels of potential for joining, unity, continuity (unity outside of time), which through the interpretation of unconditional love, forgiving, acceptance, respect… bring to the highest levels of joy.

Often, when doing diagnosis I could make a clear connection between the energy in the hands and the ability to shoot and retrieve the arrows poisoned by the unclarity of the ten chakras.

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