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Karma Scope 14

Your Guru State

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Working with the energy double

It is not that your guru state does not value the physical, but the complete opposite it values it so much that you recognize that energy is one resonance and it is just the senses that give us an opportunity to differentiate between outer and inner worlds…between ourselves and others….between past present and future…between good and bad, as all comes as one resonance…

I want to receive a lot of energy  to Consciously awaken my perspective and meet my highest potential. Bringing me from my current state to my higher state.

We begin again with the 1st chakra. Feeling the unity and comfort in any new place.balanced in my connection to my past and to all my physical states.

Continue to second , rejuvenating at a state of growth and not survival…choosing partners from a state of intimacy not blind procreation…ageless and empowered.

Now third chakra no longer a state of protection out of fear but strength and balancing the next external inspirational forces of growth.

Suddenly anxiety and stress seems so selfish in nature. How can you doubt the process initiated by great vision of the future . Self judgment and criticism 4th becomes untimely a state of past as you begin the stages of
Recognition that every situation is not only your own.

You have seen your self unique but alone. Now inspired by the curiosity of the genius uniqueness of others  which through presenting a challenge to your self recognition, inspires the incredible new perspectives, you begin respecting, more so, loving your journey, Recognizing others needs and challenges. 5th

In my 6th chakra..Oh, how fast dreams change, how easy we get used to the new states of awareness and cant wait to reach the new frontiers and possibilities…this new awareness brings, guided from the top…Recognizing the power of goals which serve more than self alone. 6th

Never realized sence of blisss, now no longer a place to escape to but a place to unify practical and spiritual conciseness, Recognizing the dynamics outside of time and space 7th

The race is against yourself. You account for others but apply inwards. Inspiration.

Suddenly, it is that which you don’t
Understand is what defines you. As throu your unique karmic awareness you bring down a spark of the vertical to be shared with others,   Recognizing your higher understanding of your Uniqueness  and individuality from 8th chakra perspective

And here again the higher unique conciseness  inspired by unified fields of awareness, i Recognize my higher wisdom in my 9th chakra.

It all comes down to one. You Recognize the unity of all energy and information. The higher ultimate truth of my 10th chakra.

All lower chakras are now at the mercy of the new and constantly growing perception of the 6th

Energy double is only for 6 chakras.

Past lives are governed by 8th 9th and 10th

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