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Karma Scope 11


Q: how is our current KSP training, and our questions and feedback is used to help others?

Q: Erik you often say that the energy is rising towards the end of our meditation, why does it seem to pick towards the end? Why isn’t it strong from the get go?

Q: Why do we need images, how do they work and why are they important?

Q: Personal attacks, what can I do not to take them as real or personally?

Q: how do I forgive those who heart me? As much as I whant to move forward there is resistance to make them feel my heart. Then I realize that I have to be a bigger person and move forward. But it is hard.

Q: how do I work with goals, intentions and practical growth, such as finances, excersise, diet, learning, job progress etc.

How and is it related to our work with the karma rings? Will our meditations here help?

Always to see the bigger picture in the details…

The union of second and fifth

to love a stranger

A question:

You have most love to your parents family or siblings but you can’t have sexual relationship with them.

It is not excepted not moral. As it is known that if you share genetic material you are likely to have abnormality in the offspring.

Unlike animals and plants…you are naturally required to expand your love to strangers.

The first karma ring is selfish by nature, it has to do with recognition of self on the level of survival.
The second karma ring is a little more challenging as we now facing our parents. We continue self discovery and awareness of the first karma ring by adding the second. When it comes to siblings and other family members such as uncles aunts etc. They are inspiring a reflection of our deep need to connect to our parents.
As you may notice that even though each of the karma rings has it’s very unique resistances and challenges to be overcome it still unified to inspire our own uniqueness and individuality.

The opening journey into the third karma ring is even more challenging of the last two. It begins but not limited in the fifth chakra.

You now may begin noticing that the individual challenges inspired by each of the chakras are always present. The goal is to be reaching the stages of inspiring the lower chakras (such as the second in our third karma ring) by the fifth which is the energy we are eager to reach.

Continuity of life is dependent on the fifth chakra. But continuity of life is not a simple giving birth. Now it is also in education, gaining of knowledge and than the recognition of unity, which could be interpreted as a spark of wisdom.

The power of sexuality on man. On women attracting man and trying to be sexual for the wrong reasons.

Advertising using sexuality as a tool for justification of desire for products and survives

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