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Karma Scope 10

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Welcome to the 3rd ring – LOVE

As water mirrors a face, a heart responds to another –  king Solomon Proverbs 27:1

How do you get the strength to greed all this people? When I see all these people it is like counting diamonds, one does not go weary when counting something as beautiful as diamonds

Love from below
Love from above

How to love the person not what one does or said

First How to love ourselves discovering our humanity and potential.

How to love all creatures the same for their contribution for the whole.

We than have grown.

First it is just an idea measured from below…than it slowly becomes us.

Like practicing any task. First it is just a movement which needs to be learned and followed with mind alone and than it becomes a part of our heart, call it a soul if you may…just higher value then the joy of food and comfort.

There fore we do not need to achieve the love of all people to sense what love can give.

This brings us to sex vs intimacy

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