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Karma Scope 12

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If the world is not a chaos then what are the chances for people who need to meet not meeting, for events which need to happen not happening? What are the chances that you are reading this as a coincidence or me writing this is not specifically for you…

I have students who do meditations for years but yet to reach the level of faith that when you are working on the spirit you are strengthening their body, but when they are working on the spirit in the name of the body they get nothing just the same.
Some have quit, some have tried other places to give them the answers. To give them what they deserve…
They still believe in old saying of working hard will always bring results. Ask and you shell receive. Unfortunately that is not how it works.
You have to know how to ask and how to receive…that is a journey not a location….
They ask questions.
Answers are in the energy but how do I explain. So my job is to give just the right answers to inspire them to continue working. Diligently to go through our meditations and be patient. The longer it takes, the more their potential is and the sweeter the rewards will be
Often compare themselves to others the race against others. jealousy, resentment of self and others, even hate can developed. What does the universe do? Humble them, but not for the sake of punishment but as a reward, the only condition for them to grow.
The more physical they try to approach the more they must address details, time and time associated fears and anxiety,
the more they are forced to be selfish and the more they suffer…until one of two things happen, the energy changes, and it can not be coincidental, it is because they allowed someone to lead them there
Gaining their own power or they begin searching for solution in others,  giving away even more of their power and getting even deeper into their separation, opposite direction.
One thing which I very carefully present in all my work is that I give the inspiration for you to gain your power and not robing you of your soul by giving you all the answers, denying you of your own growth, just so you follow me instead of using my ability to discover your personal power. The way I am doing it is much harder and only the most inspired students could stay long enough to succeed. As you may appreciate that there are many teachers who would much rather give the answers then inspire growth. Becoming and idol for the student, like a rock, or food. And robing the student from their true happiness.
The story of a bear in a circus.
Every day challenges:

how small energy brings high results
The upside down reality from spirituality .
” Raise energy to high to love and connect to the insignificant .
In order, to enjoy the significant on a very different and new level. “
” Life is a moving train and not a station to get off “
But if done like a bear and sugar you  and work only on the body level for gratification you will always be feeling inadequate.
.We are here to change time.
Down up vs up down perspective
Breath as a tool to connect reactive with proactive
Loss of perception of time is a necessary element in Meditation as growth –  raising to the upper step on the ladder is like gaining time of the lower or could be felt like loss of the sensation of time.
Trinity of higher and lower
 the mind is the master
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