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Karma Scope 9

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The picks and the valleys allow us to go outside of time

We would not have an economy, we would not have the products and services which we enjoy so much.

We receive the pics and the valleys different levels.

Some are more physical others are more emotional and others are what we may calk spiritual. But all respond back to our brain and register in our body.

We have covered the ten levels of growth of chakra within the chakra.

Each step has real resistance attached. Each resistance has a fear. Each resistance has a voice that makes a decision and justifies the action. We want not to change or avoid any of this process…

What we want is to add another voice. A voice of growing higher Awareness.

Now let us see how it may effect our life…

“Fear” – we experiencing resistance as fear, but fear of what?

“Fear” – disappears @ the very bottom. We have nothing to lose.

Fear of the consequences of following your heart. Fear of poverty,bankruptcy. Fear of being selfish, of being bad wife’s, partners, husbands, failing to support the family, fear of betraying the race, our nation. Fear of being ridiculous. Fear of throwing away the past efforts, education, training, sacrifices of others have made for us…fear of madness, insanity or even death.
Those are serious fears. But they are not as real as the one we may never been able to verbalize.

Our parents/teachers/friends wanted the best for us and often showed their power and their help by instructing you, giving you…They expressed their love by giving and unintentionally casted a spell on us.
We now have the biggest fear of all!!!

The Fear that we will succeed.

Fear that we no longer be loved by our parents/children/teachers.
We are allowed to grow up and become independent thinkers, but not too independent to jeopardize the Love we proved by receiving.
We are afraid to find out our true potential because in our mind it will destroy our eligibility for love and support by others.
It keeps Illness in the body. Makes us grow old and lose our youthfulness. We are afraid to wind up alone.

There are two ways to solve fear.
One to ask yourself before you make a big decision and take or not take action!!! If I was the only one on this planet, would I still be doing or not doing this?
Second, is the ability to hear the higher voice, and to bring the perspective to the next level of decision making…recognizing the hidden reasons of why your parents/friend/children/

teachers may not approve or understand and to go forth with confidence expressing the higher truth of being you!!!Now we are taking about a dynamic future…a future that has the component of Vertical energy.

Requirement of survival 1-3 chakra
Requirement of growth 4-7
Requirement of higher Awareness of uniqueness and individuality 8-10

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