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Dynamic Silence

[Daily Karma]

the sounds
the light
the know
the clear
the is
and then your own reflection
of knowing that all those…
are merely sparks of the hidden
the undiscovered
so gladly be found within
the silence
the emptiness
the potential
the purpose
the joy of dreams

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  • Donna Plotkin March 10, 2012, 5:40 pm

    Dear Erik,

    Thank you for the Dynamic Silence meditiation, which I just did to the sound of the ocean waves outside my room at the Regency Health Spa. I began with small movements transfering my weight from the front to back of my feet and circular movements of my head. I went into standing forward bend and the sitting forward bend and ended with full lotus. I tried to concentrate on the silence of the waves or your voice, but my mind was occupied with mundane issues. Focussing on my breath brought me to stillness. I feel a blanket of stillness around me now, with is very soothing.

    With blessings,

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