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A short on the twenty first century business blueprints and its new currency


When a new company is being born, as an underdog, in its very infancy, the journey from concept to profit, its intentions, mindsets are are all mostly future growth centered.

Thus the willingness to do the right thing, to make emotional, physical and financial sacrifices are too based on future perspectives.

At which stage, a good product or service, with properly structured, financial and managerial blue prints will likely to become relatively as successful and to see respectable growth.

But as this idea has grown into a mature company, the thought process naturally becomes more and more of a protective.

Were even the slightest Fear of loss, begins the downwards spiral, as it begins looking for shortcuts, which replace intuitive decision making.

The measuring of its own success against more often on its own the past indicators, staying within the box of economic conditions which often less and less based on the future market trends and innovation.

This Company, no matter how great its current indicators may be, has just begun its decent.

Companies are often run top down.

So this is usually the energy and the mindset of the CEO and/or the team which runs it.

More New companies are created based on bottom up structure, thus more organic and flexible to respond and grow.

Jobs and even close family Relationships between people often resemble this exact pattern of growth vs death. The levels of joy, piece of mind and comfort being the currency and its ultimate payoff.


Erik Valdman

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