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Dynamic Freedom and Limitations

[Daily Karma]

have you touched your inner freedom
defied perceived limitations lately

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  • Donna Plotkin March 18, 2012, 2:31 am

    Dear Erik,

    Thank you for the Dynamic Freedom and Limitations Daily Karma meditation, which I just completed. I started by adjusting my posture by relaxing my head, neck and shoulders. I went into standing forward bend and then child’s pose and did the 7 keys in the seated full lotus posture. My mind went to my work, since I am returning to Haiti tomorrow and to work on Monday. I had hoped to do some work during my 2-week vacation, but did not prioritize it and thus did not do it. I felt anxious, since I will have a lot of pressure to do the work when I return. Now I will do some of that work to relieve the anxiety.

    With blessings,