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Healers – Helping Others Meditation – Advanced Training [audio]

Tips for helping others

Define your intentions:

Final goal:
To Facilitate and Inspire,
the awakening of this persons independent ability to grow.

You are joining your sensitivity with hers
you can do it only because of the love you have for her
You are not to GIVE her what she ultimately needs, as you might not have it yourself
You are a tool in her life
Her free choice is to unite with you
Your free choice is to unite with her

the connection between you is creating an infinitely
more powerful energy than what you have to give.

A good analogy:
You are joining cups, into one
You are receiving for the both of you
Reflecting on her ALL that you are receiving (like a mirror on your 7th chakra)

Indirectly it strengthens both of you:
your intentions become clearer and better defined
your love for each other becomes more pure

It is not a logical process
be surprised at your reactions

Free yourself as if you are simply meditating

Good Luck

Click Here for MP3 Intention Lesson (30 minutes)

Click Here for MP3 Healers – Helping Others Meditation (30 minutes)

Click Here for MP3 Conclusion (6 minutes)

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