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Wednesday Class February 1 2012 [Replay]

Here is the audio replay, enjoy

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How can inspiring your life Momentum can change your life?

What are Reactive inspirations ?

Are there Proactive Inspirations for Momentum? (Maybe trust and respect we have in Other people)

What are Proactive inspirations for maintaining momentum?

A: the need to be respected and accepted by :
1. Close Karma circle
2. Long term plan for contribution for others.
3. Building tools for others to become an inspiration

we have automated our third chakra
And now our industry moves to developing our forth and fifth
Children’s industry is in need to help develop sixth and seventh
If we don’t we will see more and more emotional and physical illness in children.
Through this illness they would encourage the external tools to support their internal development.

By that inspiring our inner momentum.


We initiate dynamic momentum through the inner duality with our own potential!! There is no other way, to initiate by skipping the fourth!!!

When in positive momentum we use our
1. Our Talents and genetics
2. Our knowledge, memory and experiences (past)
3. Details currently presented
By nature and by other people.(now)
4. The future (as we formulate it through the present perspective)

We see each moment with greater appreciation and are able to explore more truth and greater benefit from each interaction (both inner and outer)
Creating an opportunity to change Time…receiving more in every moment by tapping into the source of dynamic life momentum as it is found in the higher level of interaction between parts. With us it is the interaction between people, within and outside of time

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