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My Second Meditation – Basic Seven Keys [audio mp3]

Before you begin this meditation, please read ‘Instructions to Basic Seven Keys Meditation’ below

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Instructions to Basic Seven Keys Meditation

This next meditation introducing your “internal remote control” and begins the first steps of the mind being more than just an observer…

Today we learn to work with three basic concepts:
Simply review them so you can easily recognize this vocabulary in your next “Basic 7 Keys Meditation”.

1. Inner Commands (INNER KEYS) Using your inner voice just like an “Internal Remote Control”.
2. Inner Freedom : Thoughts, Breath, Body, Emotional Expression and more…(NO “BUT”, overriding commands)
3. Additional Energy

So here we go. If physically able (regardless of the level of your fatigue)
please begin this meditation from a standing posture.
In minutes your energy will change and when completely free, the body will know to guide you further. You will soon feel a familiar “connection”.
“Lucky are those who can easily tell the difference between being relaxed and feeling tired.”

Here are the basic inner keys you will hear during the next meditation:

I Want to Receive A Lot of Energy and Fill __________________:

1. My head and my neck
2. My hands, arms and shoulders
3. My chest
4. My upper abdomen
5. My lower abdomen
6. My legs and feet
7. My whole body, head to toes, top to bottom of my spine

Your guided audio meditation is more then just a set of commands, it has something more. We believe that somehow, a digital recording can capture “bio-vibes” – vibration which can often help take you reach much further in your journey.
You are now ready.
(but before you begin – find your personal space.)

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