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The Blaisdale Social Science (Meditative Story Telling) Program

The programs are currently running in one of the most wonderful schools in the world!

If you stay tuned, you will understand as to why, and why you may want
to literally move to the Pickering area if you know what is good for your children…

I’m only partially kidding ! and it is not because of me teaching there,
it is because of how incredible they run their schools, how they now chose their teachers,
administrators and even the office stuff…those are not just rumors,
nor some endorsed testimonial , I have been there for over three years to witness it first hand !!!

So, if you are moving to Canada, and you have school age children,
Pickering Area is where you want to go ! 🙂

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank personally Blaisdale Montessori
for believe in me and in our program, as it is still in its infancy…
it is not always easy for the owners and management to keep our program running
and I specifically, I want to take my hat off to Heather to be able to stand behind our program,
no matter what, as some of the parents, students and believe it or not even a few of the teachers themselves, may still have a bit of difficulty understanding as to how this program changes the lives of the children…we may be one of the few programs out there and we will prevail, and with hard work and dedication may inspire many more ! 🙂

Here are a few challenges we had to overcome…and how we did it:

1. We had to practically keep the element of Energy somewhat SECRET…

2. We had to answer as to why, during the relaxation/meditation the children tend
to go to the floor and often in very strange postures and movements…

3. As Energy can not be FORCED, we had to let some children be silly,
until they got more comfortable being on the floor with closed eyes with their piers…
some still have some challenges with that, but the benefit by far out-ways the challenges…

4. The first year we were gathering upto 200 children in the school gym, often younger and older together
it was a great experience, a special occasion each and every time, but taking the children outside of their classes
was a bit challenging.

5. So, the next year they stayed in their classes, and I was the one visiting them, much better !
Having about ten different schools and over 350 children,
meant that if you add up the total hours I’ve spent with these children
in ONE YEAR…was the exact number of hours their other teacher spent in ONE DAY !!!

6. If you have ever taught anything, if you have ever been a student, more so of energy and meditation,
you would know how the CONNECTION with the student, know, like and trust…
is what makes them except any knowledge, specifically something so new and advanced as our dynamic meditation

7. So, here are the good news !!! We did it !!! They love these classes !!!
Yes, some, still misunderstand, just like any other subject…but most are simply ecstatic about our hour together!

8. How is this possible?

Well, I had to divide the lesson into four parts:

First part is simply us bonding. I am asking a question about something
which is relevant both to the children that day and to the topic of the lesson.
Each child has an opportunity to be heard, to be acknowledged and respected for their views.

This part takes as long as it is necessary, to feel that we have achieved the high energy of connection…
next if we have time, I share a story, most I write myself. There is a hidden high value and a lesson in each story,some children get it right away, others, may have to wait a few years, but they sure remember the stories…only than we are ready to close our eyes and meditate together…often, the children themselves volunteer to demonstrate their meditation skills to their classmates…

Following the meditation, the children share their experiences and ask me questions…

9. It usually takes me about two hours to both energetically and physically prepare for each lesson.
following the lesson, I take another hour or so, to make notes and write my reflections…

10. Less than one hour a month may be enough for some children, but for those who have some confidence, anger, stress and attention difficulty…the next is obvious! We are creating the matching programs, for those teachers and parents who want to better understand dynamic meditation, its benefits for their children to get involved outside of the school system themselves.

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