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[Daily Karma]

did you know
gifted children never concerned about comparing themselves to others
it is not because they know or do not know their value
they are simply internally surpassed the survival (of the fittest) stage
they simply better their best

as adults it is your responsibility to know,
that you too have surpassed
the survival stages of your external development
and yes you have what it takes for inner growth

as adults, as parents, as teachers
you need to recognize that today’s children
are reaching the need for growth much sooner then ever before in recorded history
you must quickly overcome your own limitations to give them the necessary freedom

the states of and adult and those of a child
are not only outer but inner states for each human being
as you become more aware of yourselves
as you strengthen the ultimate duality within
so you become more able to free your inner child

as you now recognize that you are that gifted child

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