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Self Regulation

2. Self Regulation

Changing the Energy is the only way to Outsmarting the anxious, moody brain.

Noticing the incomplete, broken, unfinished is part of our brains survival instinct.

When we are moving to self recognition we must begin our journey Beyond Survival – but how can we, as even if an event or a person are 95% great we are still often bothered and focusing on the 5%.

At best we convince ourselves to ignore it, but we are still feeling continuously drained and eventually make it into a big problem.

What to do with such a brain?

How do we resolve this negative focusing.

Well let us look at the reason nature has gifted us with such power to be aware of what requires attention, how we may have been different as children and at which moments are we able to see the positive in our lives.

Gratitude can be expressed in many ways.
Respecting others by calling them by their name, title.
Saying thank you, please, you are welcome.
Acnoliging ourselves and Others for the efforts And the results.

Noticing the beauty in the details as well as the purpose of all around us.

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