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Karma Scope 7

Karma Code Meditation –

connecting the mechanism of the multiple layers of the chakras within the chakras.

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Momentum – King Solomon’s Perpetual Fuel – goals/desires -Hope for outcome – Higher Love

Vision mapping helps recognize how to get there – helps take small actions.

If we fail to take small steps – hope deferred
We create seeds of hope in others by starting or implying commitments. These commitments create vision. If we fail to fulfill those commitments in timely manner, we then defer others’ hope. They lose their energy and motivation. Often can lead in death of a relationship.

That is the second ring.

But if your heart has been sick with deferred hope, you must do whatever you can to restore it’s health as soon as possible.
here is exactly the same situation when you do not have slow change in inner growth and and are forced to follow other peoples dreams and desires and not your own desires. That would ultimately defer your true potential and create a situation of inner death.

Not to be confused with the need to
Quickly begin helping others fulfilling their genuine needs and dreams and desires. Doing so will bring new level of joy and fulfillment in their lives. Increasing their moral, commitment and trust. And their creativity and productivity will explode.

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