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Karma Scope 6

KSP The Family Karma [lesson-replay]

Story of King Salomon Spheres and Family Karma

King Salomon’s Breathing

Where the world was created via a word. Life was given using breath.
“the human breath is a mixture of subtle elements comprised of air, fire, and water” Without breath we die. note: it is the brain which dies first.

The spheres were created beauty and harmony judgement + loving-kindness + the holy breath or the soul of your desire.

Higher truth, wisdom, understanding.
Are the higher attributes of beauty and harmony, loving-kindness and judgement.

Universal names are many and the are in unity as one.
The many and the one Hard to understand but that is what solves the riddle of life.

The higher world and the lower world uniting.

It was said that King Solomon could lift natures physical Veil from created things and see the spirit within”

The influence of one sphere on the other always coming back to personal Karma

The relation between e-double – energy blueprint and the Mandalas

The karma pressure to live through your children and how times have changed and each person becomes responsible for their own karma more than ever

The end to reincarnation – evidence in modern science – the work with the “spiritual cell” and the birth of the “evil cell”

The connection to neurogenesis.

The effect of society and public opinion on different levels of awareness. Or how not to be brainwashed. Or offended.

We now recognize only some of our resistances. Those compose the sphere of beauty and harmony. To raise the sphere of beauty to higher truth is to overcome resistance by seeing it as the opportunity. It is not something you can just understand and do. This is why no matter how many scholars and teachers and books we will have we will not ever come any closer. We can only acquire it in practice. This is what we are adding now.

Your intention is regarding your growth to see them different. Not to change them. Your inspiration for their growth to see you different. Than the process becomes natural. You receive return energy which effects your relationship with your parents.

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