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What Is Your Higher Freedom ?

“To be free is to be able to give and to be able to share your ideas, your thoughts, your love, your uniqueness and individuality without the need to be rewarded rewarded back.
To be free is to be able to receive from another, not only what you need, or desire at that moment, but what they need and desire to share with you.”

What was your higher freedom? Please share your experiences below !!

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  • Phil and Shirley H September 16, 2014, 1:31 pm

    Hello Erik,
    Thank you for this meditation.
    I did experience relaxing more into the sensations and felt that change within the energy………so thank you for the guidance.
    In answer to the question what is my higher freedom, letting go came to mind immediately and sensed it was coming more from my own strength, my logic, than future energy.
    Continuing noticing for a while other answers being drawn from past energy and allowed it to be. Beautiful answers like trust, compassion for self and others, seeing truth of the moment, etc.
    I focused deeper into the sensations and took note of levels of relaxation.
    I listened as you mentioned stubbornness & associated/recalled experiencing that in past – as child and adult. The memory surprised me.
    Also surprised with the time moving so quickly during the meditative state and more so afterwards. I continued meditating for 15 minutes and it felt like maybe 5 minutes at most went by.
    However during that “5 minutes” the answer received came as a big surprise.
    To be humble……..humility……….the greatest freedom.
    Felt expansion in the energy………and reflected on a meditation about 2 weeks ago where I was shown thoughts of jealousy, which fuels anger. And with this inner recognition a soft humility entered into my field of awareness and I watched the freedom that followed. Humility was everywhere. Deeper respect for the process. And yes I agree it can be easy.
    I would like to further share that since that particular meditation I was surprised seeing a jealous thought in the mind, embraced its potential to fuel anger, however the freedom was there to allow all this to be, to let go & noticed the loving presence that followed. That was freedom! Heartfelt gratitude.
    So surprised again with the process……and remain so……humbled again, ….knowing it was future energy guiding me to humility as my greatest freedom today.
    With much gratitude for all your help……….Shirley