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Welcome To The Healers Members Portal

We are officially beginning our graduate training. I know this is very exiting for every one. It is very special time for me…as it is greatly connected to your BONUS training, you will know the reason for excitement shortly…

Here at the healers members portal, you will be introduced to very advanced concepts and practical tools for rapid self development and supporting, inspiring others. Please feel free to comment and share your experiences right here on the blog below.

Please note: Some of the posts will be password protected. If you have not received your password please e-mail michelle@theartofbim.com

We will begin our first lesson in this members area by an introduction to “Energy Diagnosis”. This is something which I have not spoken much about, but it is an extremely powerful tool for self realization! As you will be learning how to diagnose living and not living matter, you will be forced to gain grater connection, unity…love towards the subject…you will see. This next lesson is about 80 minutes long and presented in two parts. Good Luck

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