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Welcome to The Energy Marathon

First, we would like to congratulate you on the decision to participate in our Energy Marathon this year.

As you already know, we are going LIVE Every Day, for nine days, begining Thursday, December 22 to Friday December, 30th !

What may want to know:

This Energy Marathon will focus on the very basics of Dynamic Meditation and my many years of research and teaching The Art of BIM and Karma Secrets.

Unlike some of our more advanced programs and courses, where some previous experience with Karma Secerets would be absolutely crucial for your success. This program is based on pure awakening of your current state of being.

You could be a complete beginner, a long time practitioner of energy and meditation, or an advanced master, instructor and teacher yourself. You will find that the energy and the tools we are going to use this Energy Marathon, will jumpstart your momentum, refocuse, redirect, empower and will make the strong even stronger!

What you need to know:

1. You may want to commit and attend all the events LIVE.

But as this is a Holliday season you are likely to skip one or two live events, but please make sure that if you know you will be missing a live event, schedule your replay hour IN ADVANCE ( just make an appointment with yourself, you deserve it!:))

2. You may want to keep a small diary of your experiences. You may share your impressions, ask questions, right here in your student area.

( just use the comments box below each of the apropriate event pages)

Please note: Sharing your experience with others is the best way to keep yourself accountable forgot reflecting on your experience, both during and after the meditations.

To the very obvious:

1. Our meditations will begin sitting down at a chair, preferably dinning room style.
(No couches, beds, floor, or recliners please.)

Our second part is always begins with a stand up posture.

So, you may also need ‘two arms length space all around you, so you could be free in your movements. A floor space in front of the chair will make it easy to allow even greater freedom for your body. Once you are in a standing posture the body may want to use the floor. (you will know if and when it is the right time.)

2. You would need to have a computer with working speakers which you could use in the same room as you will be doing your Energy Marathon.

The second option is of course the phone. You would want to have it hands free. That could mean an earpease or a speaker phone.

3. You would want to dresses very comfortable, as you would for a yoga or a gym class. You would want to have your shoes off.

4. You may want to take off any earrings, watches or other jewelry which may be on your way to full freedom.

5. You may want to turn off any cell phones, TV or anything else which could interfear with your personal comfort.

6. If you have anyone else at home please let them know, in advance, that you will be doing your personal practice at this hour and if they need your help to wait until you are done.

So, here we are. You are ready. Come with an open mind…and we will do the rest together.

(please, if you think of anything else which we could add here, let us know !:))

With Respect

Erik Valdman

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