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Most of us have a front row seat on life but are seating there with our eyes closed.

Daily Reflections ultimate purpose is “Finding New Eyes”… and is an important part of this challenge.

The goal is to help you realize the ‘new you’, find your compassion and become aware of new meaning as it is flowing into your life.

You implement this “Finding New Eyes” reflections by making simple clear notes in your daily reflections diary.

You spend ten to twenty minutes at the ends of the day, remembering your day but going BACKWORDS on your actions…

I just had dinner, I am driving home, what ever your life is, like a video rewind until you get to the moment you got out of bed in the morning.

You are going to do this 3 times:

The first time you ask yourself the question:

1. What surprised me today?
As soon as you find anything as an answer to that question, anything at all, you write it down briefly in your little book and then you start that review again…from the back, from the moment you are sitting going forward to the moment and you ask yourself a second question:
2. What touched my heart today ?
As soon as you find anything that answers that question you write it down. And then you start the review again, and you ask yourself the third question :
3. What inspired me today ?
As soon as you find anything that answers that questions you write it done and you are done for the day.

Take your time. Keep it simple. Be persistent. Do not skip any stages. Be very clear and real honest with yourself.

The goal is to realize a new meaning to old things.

If you are having trouble, try looking at your life as if Look at your life novelist, journalist, poet, lover…

The results may come real fast. Often, without even saying one word to anyone, people start talking to you differently, you may begin speaking to them differently.

Good Luck.

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