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The Power of Intention & Higher Potential


Final words

Higher Potential Meditation

Intention is the only thing that changes. Intention determined by your values. Your values are determined by the quality of your energy. You are living, experiencing a life that is automatically, naturally, defined by the way you understand “our common physical reality”. Building on your current energy, awakens your potential, changes your values, redefines your intentions, changes your actions, enhances the depth of your understanding of “our common reality”…

We all have very similar ability to see reality.

That gives us a common definition for reality, and we call it our world, our present. What is unique and special about us, is our ability to understand what we see. The importance of what we see in our life, creates the necessary inspiration for growth and the change in perspective, as the indicator to that growth. But what sometimes considered as our gifts to understand the world, may actually lie in what we realize we don’t see or understand. Therefore the experience of seeking the answers becomes our growth, and our true contribution to others. We are so unique, that what you can discover I never could. This fact, makes us different, as it unites us. Other people in our life now become the only source of our growth, connecting with others presenting both the opportunity for growth and challenges to actually connect become the only inspiration for inner growth. There fore you can trace all of our challenges to their source to be found in our relationships with other people. We Our relationships are karmicly lined up in the exact order of real natural importance as that order also defines their direct influence on our lives. Were the relationship with ourselves, being at the center of our growth, than our immediate family, out extended family and friends, our coworkers, our neighbors, and any others who we chose to define as like us, and than the complete strangers along our path, and finally the rest of humanity. We are effected by this Karmic Structure, and we effect this Karmic structure right back. All happens naturally perfectly, in an instant, and as it is relative to the observer, some might say, outside of time. Our our thought process, emotional state as our physical body becomes the canvas, the mirror reflecting the changes in our current perspective.

We honestly see the challenges in connection with others, either the opportunity for inner growth, or the reason to hate, and separate.

We are not free to make the decisions of how to act at the moment of challenge, as actions are reflection of values and perspectives. Perspectives need energy to change. Taking action, even in “the wrong” direction, gets you instantly closer to you purpose and the process is the gaining of energy and growth. As we continue to take action, we are slowly experiencing more and more satisfaction, on our path, even the most challenging one. We begin noticing our effort to bring fruit, we feel more guided than forced to make decisions. Those are clear indicators of growth. Not, successes, not the happiness, not the less effort more result, but the guided feeling. The next step is the joy in discovering how wrong you were in your previous assumptions. Yes, I said joy, as it requires plasticity of the mind, to recognize your own misunderstandings, those could be the first indicators of going beyond survival. Neurogenesis, awakening, a sudden change of values, could be seen as psychosis for those who are not experiencing as there is no logical reason for the changes. Society might not easily except not your new ideas nor believe you have changed. So, you might chose to hide these changes, and keep them for yourself or only the close friends. But not for long as you will discover that it hurts to keep it to yourself, your next step in your inner growth is to carefully without offending, share these ideas not for the sake of looking good, or proving them wrong, but for the sake of inspiring, bettering your listener. After your gained knowledge, moves to beyond survival level, it becomes your new perspective, and defines the new you, your value system, without having to remember…it becomes you.

Knowledge plus having a higher perspective, is an incredible power.

This is also the big test, as you are now most vulnerable to abuse this power. If you do you gain the equivalent challenge for further growth. It may be unpleasant. So stay true to yourself. Know that many times sacrifice is needed. Another challenge, you can not do it on your own. There never enough energy in one person to overcome the seduction of reword which could possibly come from even the slightest abuse of this new state. So, to insure your continues growth you need to surround yourself with those who think like you and whose respect you are not willing to lose at any price. For survival we are given the drive for a partner and an offspring, and in most cases it is easier to have a family than to resist it. But for beyond survival the drive is less clear, less defined, and there fore finds many in constant search for source of knowledge and like minded people.

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