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The Hidden Part 2

(Intro 16 minutes)

(Meditation 60 minutes )

(Q&A 14 minutes)

(Conclusion 5 minutes)

Many of you have heard me say it before, Humanity is rapidly moving forward. We have no choice. I feel 2009 will be the year that we could look back on as “the year of change”.

The new has already begun its growth pushing the old away. In 2009 we not only will see the usual time change…we will witness a rapid shift of consciousness.

This shift is defined by a select few who will be able get the glimpses of what our world looks like through the veils of the Seventh Chakra.

Yes, I am talking about Vertical Growth.

Those people who up until just a few months ago would give everything for knowledge (the 6th Chakra) are now moving rapidly to be able to see the world from the perspective of the seventh Chakra. All their values will suddenly change. All the decisions will have to be weighed against this new power.

A few of us can still remember the revolutionary changes from moving an agricultural localized society into the big towns, as the industrial age arrived in the early years of the past century. More can remember as the Industrial Age was crushed by the Computers and the Information Age…

Now we are ready to leave the Information Age behind, and humanity is moving into the Spiritual Age.

Everything begins at the karma level. Everything begins resonating from within. A few, very few will feel the shift…they will become the energetic center of this new paradigm. Once they cross this threshold, others will follow.

Within the outside ring of the karmic resonance are those who filter the world view through their Third Chakra screens. They were truly happy with the very the basic, food, rest and reproduction. They listened to music and did basic crafts. There was no special inspiration for much more, and they happened to live in those countries that it was usually possible to survive that way. We secretly envied those people, thinking that their happiness is pure and real, and we were right,…for them it was. But it was not for us, we would visit, join them for a moment…and than come back to face our reality. We would never trade our live with theirs, and they would never trade with ours. Now, they too will begin feeling the need for self judgment. As their centre, begins moving towards the Fourth Chakra. They begin feeling the stress of the two extremes. This will express itself as Anxiety and Stress, like they have never felt before. (Please remember that all these changes are dictated from the centre…initiated by all but begun by those who are shifting towards the awareness of the Seventh Chakra)

People who have been struggling with Anxiety and Stress will begin looking for approval from their piers, and self confidence issues will dominate their lives as the move to the Fifth Chakra correction. Where a moment ago they could not see the value in purchasing Designer Close, Big Houses, Fancy Cars…these become enormously important for them, and they are willing to go to great lengths and sacrifice time and money for their purchase. They will also go a long way Giving The Needy if it made them look good in front of others. All this is done to simply relieve the pressure of sudden need for growth in their Fifth Chakra.

Important to note, that all these necessary changes will happen one way or the other. If you remember the story of “The Man Man In The Boat”, the river is going in only one direction…if we work on our Energy we are likely to face more often in the right direction and all these changes could actually bring us joy and happiness…or we are not working internally with our Energy…and this world will feel as it is literally coming down on you.

One more thing, just because something is called “energy work” or by another name, it is not necessarily strong enough to be contributing to your growth and you might need to add something else. A word of caution… just because you now have some Karma Secrets knowledge, without inspired daily practice, you are not going to succeed.

O.K. Lets continue, those who just a month ago suffered from self confidence issues, will no longer care as much to looking good in front of others, just for the sake of looking good…they will finally discover the value for Knowledge. Given the choice they will sit bare foot in an empty room, and sleep on the floor as long as they had a good book to read. And finally those who sacrificed years of their life, money, relationships, families, for knowledge…will finally be forced to see the world with new eyes.

If you are reading this text you are experiencing all of these inner pressures all at once, we all do. But if was to take an educated guess, if you are still reading this…you are part of the next group. You are moving from the need to sacrifice for knowledge, through great confusion, into the Spiritual rims.

All I can say at this moment, to those who are ready to move from the Sixth to the Seventh Chakra is your struggle is the highest in energy, and therefore the most demanding. As Growth can not happen on existing energy, we are required to take ourselves outside of our comfort zone. That is done in one of two ways. A push from behind, by a Physical Illness (third Chakra push) or an Emotional Turmoil (A Fourth Chakra Push), a Relationship Challenges, Trading Materialism For Respect, Knowledge For Respect, Power for Enforcing Respect (a Fifth Chakra Push), or ENERGY Pull which comes as a Pure Desire for Higher Knowledge and the Inner Feeling Of Oneness (a Sixth to Seven Chakra Pull)

Stay tuned as we will make this journey into the Spiritual Age

simply put, “The Most Remarkable Time In Our Life”.

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