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Thank You

Hello Friend,

Thank you for your interest and trust in my Ideas and Thoughts

I promise to do my very best, to share, to inspire you
and maybe one day, to become an important part,
a pillar in your personal growth!

So, as you will be the first to see and hear
some of the ideas from the projects I am currently working on
you will also get the chance to contribute to them!:)

+ Meditation for beginners (A Step By Step Guide)
+ Meditative Story Telling (For Parents and Their Children)
+ Meditative Story Telling (For Teachers and Educators)
+ Karma Secrets (Advanced Healers/Educators Training)
+ My Poetry and Children Books:)

I hope my insights about these topics will inspire you
and you will share your ideas, experiences, stories and inspirations

(I promise to give you full credit for your thoughts!:))
It is your the reader, the student, the friend…

These are your experiences which I learn from,
which shapes all these project and brings success and inspiration for others!

With Respect

Erik Valdman
Founder of The Art of Bim
And The Human Energy Reserves Centre
in Toronto, Canada

Need Help? Please Call Our Toronto Office @ 416 410-1290or e-mail: support@karmasecrets.com