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Support (UC)

Support UC

Need support ? Have questions?

Reach us by email, phone or mail if you have questions about admission, academics, financial options, joining the faculty or other Karma Secrets Academy matters. Call
1-(888)-899-1903 to speak with us right away.

Unlimited free support, follow-up, and education is a big part of The Karma Secrets Academy program.

Here's why we provide support and what it means to you as you use the program: First, our support is one way we go the extra mile for you to make sure you get all the benefits we've described.

Also, there are certain principles which, if followed, dramatically reduce or eliminate the upheaval that can sometimes accompany accelerated growth. We teach you these principles, and how to apply them to your life.

Our support is based on years of experience with thousands program participants, and is offered at no extra cost. We are genuinely committed to making sure that each participant really does receive all the benefits we describe. Call us at
1-(888)-899-1903 or e-mail at support@karmasecerts.com