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Outside of time and space 1

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Recognition of the form of energy within time is equal to the form outside of time

The content – quality is different

They said about 2012 to be the year which will end of the old. There could not be an end of the form only the change in the content.

As the form is in the image.
It is both written in old texts as well as in quantum physics.

We are looking at the shape of an hourglass…

The top is dripping down from outside of time to within time.

We cant stop the flow, of linear time.

The truth is that we don’t have much control on vertical time, as it speeds up beyond our ability to make sense of it or logic even of our technology, not spiritual.

Our goal is to meet it with proactive but there are two separate playing fields and often are confused. Even for those who mediate.

One is making efforts and being proactive in the physical within time and space. And the other during a special time, using special tools and special mindsets dictated by past sages who could see but not do…
We could do but not see…

1. Maintaining Meditative attitude –
A. Unification – nature – living- nature- animal- self-others-future-hidden
B. timeless experience
C. Words come from heart

2. Techniques –
A. Emotions
B. Thoughts
C. Images
D. Words – Breath as postures
E. Postures
F. Movements
G. Sequence – order of things
H. Limitations

I want recieve a lot of energy and fill the ____chakra of my energy blue print as part of my timeless experience

I want to receive a lot of energy to recognize no-thingness as part of my physical existence. X 10

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