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Monday, August 27 2012 @ 7:00 am Eastern Toronto Time

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Question Submission:



1. What was the one message/idea you connected to the most?

2. How do you think this meditation will help your day?

3. If you had to share your experience with a good friend,
how would you say today’s meditation can help them reflect on their past and/or future?

your participation/reflections have many great benefits

speak soon

Erik Valdman

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  • Phil and Shirley H August 27, 2012, 5:01 am

    Hi Erik, Hi everyone,
    It’s been very difficult getting to my own thoughts and feelings yet alone to write something down. Since the beginning of this 10 day program sharing has been challenging. I’m there in the mediation and afterwards seem to have nothing to say. The pressure to be responsible and contribute has been growing daily.
    The highlight of day #4 was trusting the components of meditation. The energy was magnetic/I was willing to trust more. Reflecting on dynamic growth guided me to embrace emotional numbness. Energy was always strong. The time went by fast. I was hearing everything as new.
    I woke this morning accepting pressure in the heart over not being in that open space of giving back – and wanting to do so. When I began to meditate today I noticed in my decision to be more responsible I was guided into deeper sincerity of intentions and focus in my desire to grow beyond my limitations. I also saw subtle resistances in the form of distractions and in discounting any contributions as important. Very appreciative.
    From day #2 I noticed as important – “everything is connected.”
    The challenges/inspirations from these questions is surprising me. I look forward to day #5.
    Thank you. Shirley