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Meditation Mindsets – Dynamic Beginnings

Dynamic Beginnings

Meditation Mindsets - the blind man video
[Daily Karma]

what do you get when you take
a vast knowledge and experience
and add some “beginners luck” ?

a new birth perhaps?

Maybe one of the most important goals of Karma Secrets Academy is to make it possible for you bring Karma from a state of ancient mysticism into your daily practical reality…

And one of the most powerful mindsets, during and post meditation is to humble the self, and to fearlessly face each and every moment as an opportunity.

This may not be as simple as just nodding your had in agreement, nor making some notes to not forget…

The ability to combine fresh and free perspective with gained knowledge and past experience in to every moment, every thought, every decision extending it into every action you make…

Just this mindset would surprisingly free your meditations and likely to improve your practical everyday outcomes a thousand fold.

In this Morning’s meditation we looked at “childlike experience”…
Of the importance of opening a fresh page into every moment…
Of the magic of “beginners luck”…

I often compare the childlike empowerment, which gives children the undeniable power to grow up…
To keep getting up with each fall and learn how to walk, to be funny and silly until they can speak…no matter how many times they need to try or how long their journey may take, they never look back and never give up…

This same quality of Childlike Innocence and humbled dedication, in adults we call Faith.

In the ” Formula of Success”, I showed the dynamics of the dance between our greatest triggers; Fear (Pain) and Freedom (Faith) and how the work with energy determines your highest freedom and defines your Success!
Counting the power of Karmic Momentum, together these two indicators define your levels of joy and happiness in each and every moment.

Your Faith or Childlike Freedom, now also an indicator to how easy or difficult it may be for you to make even the smallest of every day life decisions…defining you “bravery” in taking action.

Just remember how obvious it may be for a child to get up and try again…never counting their journey as a failure!

This same mindset now also defining your acceptance of self, expectations of others, therefore your overall “Magnetism” and Attractiveness !

So, are you ready to open a fresh page, with childlike innocence, bringing the fearless mindset of a “beginner”, merging the infinite power of your past with the unlimited potential of your future, to practically fulfill your desires which meet your purpose? Are you ready to seat behind the wheel and choreograph your life?

Sure you are. Let’s than pay much greater attention to our meditation mindsets!

The mere fact that you are witnessing, hearing and even experiencing this message is an indicators of your energetic readiness.

The words are just the to plant the seeds. Now we need to take the journey to awaken these seeds into your natural perspective.

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