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Life Line Karma

We are here LIVE Sunday, March 3 ( 9 AM -10 AM and 9 PM – 10 PM )

Today we know ourselves

exploring the relationship with self
is a lifelong journey
dynamic self recognition is about
embracing the moment to moment
changes on this journey of self discovery

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  • Phil March 3, 2013, 1:58 pm

    Day #6 March 3, 2013
    Hi Erik. The meditation went very fast. I felt at peace while saying the keys. The energy was soft and flowing in an even rhythm. I felt tingling in my hands. When asked the question I felt a lot of uneasiness in my stomach and chest. The answer was immediate I wish something didn’t happen and I don’t remember much after that. Thank you.

  • Shirley March 3, 2013, 1:51 pm

    March 2, 2013
    Day 6 Hello Erik, Grateful for your feedbacks/guidance in the beginning of these meditations. It does help. I was clearer in my intention to trust energy first. Very relaxed. Fine tuned focus to apply the process when seeing new images/emotion. Giving attention to energy first an answer appeared. Applied process, kept it simple. Observed from within the heart/chest the birth of a pure, joyful, simple love. No better words. Much appreciation.

  • Shirley March 2, 2013, 2:00 pm

    Hello Erik, After remembering the order of things I have the courage to share this openly.
    I watched a very funny Steinfelt episode last night and in the story one of the actors was really upset for not getting exactly what he wanted. With humorous anger he was shaking his arms up and down and I noticed his hands in a claw shaped posture. ( a posture that stood out in my meditation) Instantly my mind froze. I became fearful for having shared too many details of my meditative experiences. What will others think of me? Began huge self criticism for sharing too much sensitivity/vulnerability – feeling embarrassed, feeling wrong, looking foolish and weak. Fear wanted to grab my mind into scrutinizing the truth before I speak/head spinning. It was amazing insights. With gratitude took deep breath and said no. Thank you for helping me remember the order of things!

  • Shirley March 2, 2013, 1:50 pm

    Hello Erik, Thank you for sharing “the order of things.” Thank you!

  • Shirley March 2, 2013, 1:46 pm

    Day # 5 03/01/2013
    Feedback: Hi Erik. Not much to find in words. Slow moving quality to energy with soft gentleness connected to hearing. Mind silent. Tingling in both feet – a first. Tingling in jaw/ upper neck. Saw purple color in pulsating rhythms – flowing forwards then back. Saw energy swirling clockwise and counter clockwise. Tiredness in vision. Breathing light, deep, relaxed.

    I wrote those comments after meditation. Last night when ready to send it out, a feeling of being lost came over me. Shortly after Phil came into the room commenting on his answer to the day’s question. Was stunned. Realized I had no idea what the question was. Mind was blank. Words hard to find. Am deeply humbled by the experience. Many thanks.

  • Phil March 2, 2013, 1:38 pm

    Day #5 March 1, 2013
    Hi Erik. On three different occasions I failed to say good bye and give my love to the one’s that I loved and who supported me the most. All three people had different life circumstances but because of my choices I lost out on sharing and being with them as they were dying. I did what I thught was right at the time. I have regretted my decisions for many years. I feel that I let them down in some way. After you asked the question I wanted to stop meditating because of the sadness I was feeling from these memories. But I did continue for another ten minutes. I felt a lot of heat and vibration in my hands but my legs became weak and I had to sit down for a few minutes before the end. Thank you.

  • Shirley March 1, 2013, 1:58 pm

    February 28, 2013
    Day 4 Feedback: Hello Erik, Most of the time energy flow was soft and peaceful. Closed eyes sensed simplicity/calmness everywhere I observed. Ordinary came to mind and reflecting the thought inward – felt quietness. Energy was changing after each key. Focus on lower chakras brought attention to mild tightness in chest, sporadic breathing. Focusing on the 5th brought pulsating energy in neck. With the 6th and 7th energy flow remained soft and unchanged.
    The muscles in my neck tightened a lot as I heard the question. I didn’t think an answer – it was before me. Shame was my limitation and was surprised. Inner reflections had intense response of grief, anger. Entire body shook very hard – fast, high speed sense to energy. Strong emotions continued – grief, anger – again went inside to sensations of tight constrictions throughout the body. Grief intensified – gasping for air. Refocused when story appeared. Again from head to toes the body shook hard, tightness connected to anger – body was jumping up and down.
    Looking behind shame was pride. Energies changed to greater anger resonating all over the body – sense of very mad. Body shaking hard and fast – hands clenched – all over a mixture of heaviness, hardness, tightness, breathing difficulties, facial tightness, heat in face, tears hot, acute pain in middle of forehead with sensation of it being split open. Tight stomach discomfort, cramping connected to pride.

    After meditation ended I continued reflecting, revisiting, embracing equally all experiences. Was amazed at the output of energy inside the body. Feel contentment and peace. Feel younger. Grateful I was in this process. Many thanks.

  • Phil March 1, 2013, 1:35 pm

    Day #4 Feb.28 2013
    Hi Erik. The limit I felt the most was my ability to speak when confronted with any kind of challenge. I seem to lose my ability to stay composed and think clearly when it’s time to speak. I feel that this has made me appear as a weak person and therefore felt ashamed at times. I felt a sensation of pressure in my chest. I started to twist back and forth vigorously but had to stop immediately because I was becoming dizzy. Today was my strongest day so far being able to stand for the full meditation.

  • Phil February 28, 2013, 1:36 pm

    Day #3 Feb.27 2013
    Hi Erik. The one thing that I’ve been offered many times in my life at home and work was “help”. For some reason I most often rejected assistance and help no matter what it was. Thinking back over 35 years I worked alone by preference. Also thinking back when anyone else needed a hand I was there even if they didn’t ask for it. I really let a lot of opportunities go by where I could have shared a lot with people. I felt a sad feeling in my heart while answering this question. During the meditation I felt a lot of fatigue finding it hard to maintain focus. I also had some discomfort in my legs below my knees. I appreciate the awareness of it now and in the future I’ll be much more open for assistance. Thank you.

  • Phil February 27, 2013, 1:05 pm

    Day #2 Feb. 26 2013
    Feedback: To answer your question what bothers me the most is when someone disrespects me or believe something about me that is a lie. I can see in my history that when these types of actions occurred I removed myself from the environment or people involved. I didn’t confront them because of fear. Because of this there are many unresolved issues in my past. I feel like I’ve been called a liar and in fact I’ve been very truthful. They need to apologize to me and to anyone else they told the lie to and be honest from now on.

    During the meditation I felt a lot of warmth in my face and tingling in my hands.

  • Phil February 27, 2013, 1:04 pm

    Day #1 Feb. 25 2013
    Hi Erik, I would like to first thank you for the LLKD. The first thing I did when I received it was to use the graph paper to calculate in my life the time in years of my high and low points. I was astounded by your accuracy and it brought me to a point of reviewing my whole life from as early as I could remember. The only low energy point I didn’t know was at birth to 1year of age. It was incredible to review my childhood and see the choices I made which really affected my course in life. I feel very blessed and thankful to where I am today. Not everything is perfect but I do have gratitude. This does give me an inspiration to set new goals and to map a new direction. Starting in March is a new phase in my life called retirement. I can always change that in the future, I’m not closing any doors yet.

    Feedback: During the meditation I felt a tremendous amount of energy in my hands and wrists in the form of heat. I had to sit in a chair because I still don’t have the strength to stand. I really struggled to find an answer to your question. The one thing I like to do is help and give too people. Now that I have more time I would like to make it a goal. I can feel my heart open even now as I think of it. During the meditation I felt a pulsing energy in my chest. Thank you.

  • Shirley February 27, 2013, 5:01 am

    Feedback from Day 2: Hi Erik, After each key I noticed energy changes in the body – i.e. expanding pressure in the head and neck with a heavy sensation of both being pulled upwards, hands in tight claw shape and heat in the joints, tightness in shoulders and chest, inward pull between ribs, tightness in abdomen, fear, changes in breathing, outstretched arms with breaks in the outward flow of energy as in irregular pulsing. Hearing the question followed with increased energy especially in head, neck, chest. Difficulty breathing. Thoughts quickly appeared and decided to continue looking at entire energy field. The answer was strong – it was lies, being lied to. Energy changed instantly, intensified more in head, heart, throat. Hard grief and anger reflected inward – heavy breathing, shaking of arms and entire body. As the mediation ended I was humbled in respect to the body.

    Today and this evening I have reflected on the meditation and some past memories came to mind connecting to trusting others. Lies, untruths spoken, causing loss of affection from others. Breaking relationships. Just made the connection now with outstretched arms and breaks in the energy flow – sensation stood out this morning. I despise mind games – energy swirls in head, confusion, grief/disappointment associated with swelling discomfort in the throat. I don’t want to hate. Heart aches in confusion.

    I do feel an inner fog has begun to lift. Grateful I have a GPS to guide me on this highway! Many thanks again.

  • Shirley February 25, 2013, 7:05 pm

    Monday am feedback: Appreciated fine tuning my intention on the purpose of meditation. Soft, flowing heart energy was noticed. Experienced soft strong tingling in my head, eyes, facial skin, and jaw. Pulsating energy in left hand – nothing in right. Upon hearing bridging of unconscious with conscious, desire heightened as did body’s energies. My body moved continuously throughout the meditation in various twists, bends, stretches and hand movements both in standing up and on the floor – all the while looking inside. Felt fear and doubt and turned inward. At times mind drifted to mental chatter – again gently refocused. The part said about awareness of events not changing anything gave rise to heart energies and connection to gratitude. The question was very challenging. Confusion/dizziness. Critical thought appeared. Refocused inward. Dizziness remained with sharp/hard energy on the right side of my throat. Grief emerged. Looked for small signals elsewhere. Energy increased in head/neck and the discomfort on the right side in the throat changed to soft soothing energy and the discomfort disappeared. Very surprised how suddenly it happened. Asked question again – forehead and neck tingling strong /no answer. When the meditation ended the energy continued to increase in my head, face and neck. Many thanks Erik for your guidance.

  • Shirley February 25, 2013, 6:57 pm

    LLKD experience: Wanted to share what happened when I received the lifeline karma diagnosis. The visual image was amazing and energetically was responding to viewing the diagram. The image was strong in my mind’s eye. I printed a copy and held it realizing I was looking at myself, my whole life, as seen through the eyes from another dimension. Focus took me to see perfection within the strokes of movement and the placement of lines, the spaces between, the changes in direction. Perfection/truth/nothing hidden. Felt mystery and relief. Glancing over to Phil’s diagnosis and back to mine brought out anger & bitterness in mind and heart and felt its impact on my body – a shock wave so to speak of truth. My throat and stomach was uncomfortable. Heart ached with anger over a life of pain and suffering. With truth comes gratitude. Turning the diagnosis to a vertical view the lifeline made me feel all is well -felt joy. Surprised the next morning waking up to a quality of peace and feeling wonderful. I had slept the whole night through which I haven’t done for weeks. Much gratitude. Shirley