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KSP Diagnosis

I would like to welcome you to your KSP Diagnosis

Today, you may find it really different and likely even the opposite

of what you are anticipating to be receiving !

I officially begun doing a Karma Diagnosis almost 13 years ago.

The format was always similar:

1. I would receive a written confirmation of their intent.

2. I would do an energy scan of the maps which I have prepared in advance.

3. I would color mark the forms.

4. I would explain the connection between the colors, maps and their life.


At no point did I ever ask a question before my assessments.

The diagnosis was always coming from my sensitivity and presented in my choice of words.

What I’ve noticed through the years that as my words may have been intended in one way, they often have been accepted in another. Some of the meaning was lost in ‘perspective’.

As you may have noticed, right from the very first day and though the process of months together in KSP,

As We Were Raising Energy, you had to often independently, see, scene and define your own experiences.

Our New Diagnosis will follow a similar structure.


This Diagnosis is designed to first help you define your purpose…

Than it is designed to not only give you answers,
but to inspire you giving your unique understanding a chance,
awakening something deeper than words, ‘cliché’ or dogmatic phrases…

KSP Diagnosis comes with a bold purpose to awaken your mind
in finding your meaning to your feelings, thoughts and experiences…

Accessible to anyone – simple but powerful was always my intention for this ‘year long’ project !

with that my great regret that it is not ready for you tonight

I leave you with a quote:

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned
So as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
— Joseph Campbell

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