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Karma Scope – Diagnosis

We begin with:

The Ethics of Karma Diagnosis

The Purpose for the Karma Diagnosis

The Implantation of your Individual Findings

Q&A and more…

(Then Minute 39:20)

The first question:

Is everything which you need to achieve you must

achieve with your personal strength and power?


The universe conspires to help you.

You do not need to know and understand everything.

The universe has the interest of all in mind.

(We Conclude with Minute 51:00 )

Meditative State for KSP Diagnosis

4 Karma Rings Challenge and Benefit in the same place.

You adress to the biggest fear, disappointment, challenge with:

1. Yourself

2. Your Partner (or the image of future partner)

3. Parents (or your memory of them)

4. Friends or Siblings

5. Strangers

6. Humanity

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