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Healers Training – Reactive Energy vs Proactive Energy

Reactive Energy vs Proactive Energy

Intro (16 min)

Meditation (40 min)

Q&A (16 min)

Your Body Signals and Their Purpose:
“Reactive Mind” – Instinct
To overcome conflict
To make you comfortable
To keep inner balance
To survive
To learn from past
To react promptly
Avoids New Experience
Responding “Lower Level Pain”
We are willing to sacrifice little to achieve

Top Chakra: Third

Your Minds Signals and Purpose:
“Pro-Active Mind” – Intuition
To Create
To Dream
To Learn from the Future
To Plan for the Future
To Experience the Future
To Think and Understand
To Place Value On Choices Made
To Experience Freedom
To Change Perspective
To Experience Growth
Loves & Thrives On The New Experiences
Responsible for “Higher Level of Pleasure”
Responds to “Higher Level Pain”
We are ready for big sacrifices

Top Chakra: Sixth

“Kick The Cat” Act 1

One morning a man woke up and saw the world filled with “dark shadows”

He was not old, not very bold, but felt the heaviness of “GOLD” right on his shoulders

His head would ache

His hands would shake

His back would break

He could not fake – his sadness

His name was Fred Petite

A big man, Fred has grasped for air

Was ready to escape…

Still bothered by his children’s screaming, late last night fiasco!

The magical experience of an ordinary day, escaped Fred’s mind today…

He could not hear the pigeons sing

He could not see…

The sun was smiling, with rare illuminating rainbow colors

Reflecting in the window light…

Grabbing his launch box

Prepared so neatly, by Jen, his loving wife…

Big shoulders pushing through the entrance door

Not noticing the sleeping faces of his twins

Who followed worrisome his every move

His head still down, was heading to the farm.

“Kick The Cat” Act 2

Across the fields on “Little Street”

Where sun rays & the river banks would often meet

Lives Joe McFeet

Same morning…

Awakened by the knocking branches of the apple trees

Brushed gently, in rare occasion wind

Against his bedroom window…

Joe danced straight out of bed

The gentle sounds still resonating

Yesterdays delightful bits of “ Choo-Choo” Train

and Joe’s youngest daughter’s Julie, sounding clarinet

As if through “Purple Glasses”

Lite on his feet

Joe’s day was looking very promising indeed…

Some Common Questions:

What does a “Reactive Mind” experience feel like?
How does the “Pro-Active Mind” Experiences Growth?
How can we tell where we are?
When do we move to a “Permanent State” of “Proactive Mind”?

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