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As a child, and still now, I’ve always asked the question, why did my grandparents, uncle, my father and mother, had emotional and often physical challenges and illness. It almost seemed unfair!

I couldn’t speak for others, but my grand parents, my family, I know them personally, and can vouch how good people the were…they where people who always wished good for others.

So, why this Karma, why do those illnesses happen? Where do they come from and how and if at all, can we prevent them ?

Following many years, of practical research, diagnosing and interviewing thousands of people, I think that there is a possible answer…

I am not a medical doctor, so I didn’t directly address illness, but I believe that the deeper causes of illness, at their Karmic, Emotional and Mental stages we can already understand, so the answers are actually there if you listen

At one point I actually speak of children and parent relationship,as well as of life partners, our expectations of self and them, the guilt and illness which may develop…

This is a replay from this Monday
It was given to a group of advanced students (1h 30 min )

First I speak of the role of the ‘healer’
as being a better human being

Then give some insight from my Saturday presentation “Family Karma and Why Good People Get Ill?”

Then finally a 40 minute ‘simple’ meditation but with the attention given to questions and not answers…

There is also a surprise right at the end.

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