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Finding that elegant, life changing trigger, in the most of unexpected places

In today’s world, where we may still be blinded by fame or fortune, where ancient wisdom sounding from the mouth of an accepted gurus, may contain you…

It is all well and good, but they are the ideas of the individual, who may have never been heard of before, of a teacher, of a student, of a child, of the beggar on the street corner, which you need to embrace, attend, seek importance in, to help make not a splash but a shift, and contribute to your transformation, making that big difference in your life you are after.

We are not at the time of the big ideas that could change our life but of the hidden every day truths which in their simplicity will transform our mind.

These ideas must be reciprocal, you have as much need to hear others as to be sharing yours.

But why is that so?

Why would the opinion, idea of a maybe a less known, less experienced, maybe even a less influential individual could be the one reason for your shift and the unique cause of your transformation?

Well, it may be not about them nor what they will say at all, sure it will have the value but it would be your exceptance of their ideas, inspire of the perseption of their position which will magically transform every thing else you have ever heard, learned, thought and experienced…

So finding that elegant trigger in the most of unexpected places, from the most of less influential people, helps you realizing your individual value, not only in what you may know or say, but in your existence in their physical reality, now you becoming that same trigger for others…

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