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Energy Marathon Live

Wednesday, January 4th 2012 9:00 pm (Eastern Toronto Time)

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  • Phil and Shirley H December 31, 2011, 1:50 am

    The energy experience of the 8th meditation was rewarding, freeing & expansive in nature. I gained a better perspective & value for narrating the moment. As I listened to your examples I was much freer to narrate & began vigorously describing my inner experience – more than ever. My acceptance level kept increasing and it was like I gave myself permission that all is okay as I see it. Felt confident & renewed with the process. With the first set of keys I felt a lot of pressure in my head with strong sensations in my lower jaw and upper neck. Very open to intention; the energy was strongly magnetic & soft. In deep respect I listened to your wisdom and absorbed energy. I appreciated all experiences. In the final set of keys I noticed in giving intention to the lower chakras it was the upper charkas that expressed energy sensations. Connection was stronger/magnetic/expansive. From the energy of the 7th – spontaneously appeared “forgiveness”. I knew how special this awareness is for me – felt its embrace and love. Thank you Erik. Shirley

  • Phil and Shirley H December 29, 2011, 10:25 am

    Woke up early reflecting on the strength and confidence recently gained. I have some goals which have needed greater effort. Here I can bring this new energy into my experience. Thank you. Shirley

  • Phil and Shirley H December 29, 2011, 1:59 am

    The comments on connecting to the address & resonance in a replay was inspiring. I wasn’t able to be live on day 5 and my experience with the energy in the replay was as if it was live. Watched thoughts of deja vue. Knew something was familiar yet new.
    Erik, what again makes up the internal system that picks up on the address? What does it mean to you? Are you referring to the chakra system? &/or witness? Is the internal system the domain of the observer? Could you please expand on this topic? Thank you. Shirley

  • Phil and Shirley H December 29, 2011, 1:54 am

    In day 6 meditation the energy sensations were exceptionally strong in the body – starting with the hands as soon as my eyes closed. I noticed the strength in connection. Caught my attention. I gave attention to the energy and the energy grew stronger in the hands, arms and upper body with pulsating waves in my head & face. Movements were light & effortless. My acceptance was there & I was peaceful. In one part your voice was muffled & I had difficulty hearing you – I noticed it had no effect on the energy at all. Also surprised feeling a surge of energy as I watched my body growing taller – with feet on the ground I was looking from the top down while lifted to new heights. Felt the upward momentum. The word “sprouting” came to mind which I associate with new strength. This sense of visual perception animated with movement was a first for me. I felt guided to notice the visual as it happened twice again in shorter duration. Thank you. Shirley

  • Bhanu Rana December 28, 2011, 4:45 am

    What resonated with today’s mediation was “how the past is a learning experience, a history lesson, one not to old on to or become num but rather become inspired and grow and become better with newer desires and hopes”

  • Bhanu Rana December 24, 2011, 9:44 pm

    Hello Erik, I am confused; on one end you talk
    About how the intention is set forth by you,
    And then you say the intention that I bring, what
    Are you trying to say! Should I also be then
    Coming with a stronger intention, yes you are right.
    I am dedicating my time and effort, for what? Creating
    A positive ball of positive, moving away from pain, have
    A stronger and healthy body and the list
    Goes on! Is that what I should be focusing

    • Erik Valdman December 24, 2011, 10:12 pm

      Yes Bhanu,
      Thanks for your questions, they are advanced in nature,
      So I will do my best to answer them here…

      I can see how confusing it could be.

      Our mind does not let us see,
      but that which will make us safe and protected…
      That is the job for the “survival” mode…

      In this mode our mind is reactive.

      But we have a “history” which we don’t necessarily remember,
      nor fully understand…we also have a future,
      which we don’t fully see…

      Therefore, to protect your future
      There is a correction mechanism, acting from within
      It allows, self regulatory systems, to save you from your
      Reactive Mind, though living you freedom,
      quietly guiding you from within…

      If these mechanisms did not exist, we would not survive even one day.

      So, there is duality. There is your responsibility
      and the protective mechanism, which adjusts your intentions…

      How does this all work?

      These are very big life questions which for now,
      will likely remain partialy unanswered
      At least for time being…

      If you want my advice,
      Just do your best, do your part,
      the best you can understand…

      This is exactly why, we have our courses, we have the support to move forward, no matter what life may bring…

      Those who have the questions, move forward faster!

      If nothing was missing, we may not need a future, we may not need each other, you may have nothing to discover, you may have nothing to contribute to others…

      What brings us most hapiness may not even be what we know or have, but the ability to share, what we know or have with others…

      (but more about that another time..)

      Thankfully, Life will always remain a mystery, a challenge, a place left to be desired…Giving you a chance, to discover you potential, to express and share your uniqness, and hopefully some things will still always be missing Or it may not be worth the effort of overcoming the ever changing life challenges and if nothing was missing life may not be worth living at all !

      Hope this helps

  • Bhanu Rana December 24, 2011, 3:24 am

    Something else came up for me and i wanted to write this down before i forget, which was seeking help from others, you mentioned this in your meditations. I have always been discouraged to ask for help, seeing it as a weakness, fear, call it what you want. Maybe that is why i feel that i think that i don’t need anybody and can do everything on my own. Yes, it would be nice to ask for help and be vulnerable and knowing that it is okay.

    • Erik Valdman December 24, 2011, 8:31 pm

      Bhanu, Wow!
      It is great that you have noticed these words.

      As Noticing, is never a coincidence!!

      We often say, that the worked which we see around us, is the mirror to us.
      Hanukkah, even if you may have not yet arrived to a place where being able to ask for help is easy…even though you may have not yet recognized that the times where we were taught, that asking for help is showing incompetence are long behind us (those where the impressionable days of puberty, of growing up and showing your worth). Bhanu, you are not alone at this, we all, some less and some more, require to grow up, to recognize, that there is a difference between wishing to be independent and recognizing the power of cooperation.

      It is not enough to understand this, we need the energy for that to be present…so cooperation is not a “thing we do” because we feel it is right, but a thing we can not “avoid doing” because we begin feeling the inner need, the energy simply dances through us, just like hunger or thirst, just like the most powerfull desire we could ever have…then we may stop calling it “getting help”, we may even stop calling it “cooperation”, we may begin seeing it as “co-production” – a necessary part to survival, an important part of inner growth, a new state of joy!

      But, let us not hurry, one step at the time, we humble ourselves in this vision…

      Bhanu, if you ever needed the evidence for your growth, your questions are…

  • Bhanu Rana December 24, 2011, 3:08 am

    Hello Erik, some observations….really don’t know the impact or the response you will provide, but here it is:
    Felt some tinglingness in the hands and wrist
    felt some rocking movements and
    some moments where i was going to fall asleep.
    Some of the words that were highlighted for me in this meditation were focusing on the 95% and not the 5%. Hopefully with the energy change, i will now be more directed and focused on what i choose to create and be grateful.

    • Erik Valdman December 24, 2011, 8:15 pm

      Thanks Bhanu

      As you understand, tingling hands, rocking, a feeling of full peace and relaxation to be able to fall asleep, all could be felt for many different reasons…

      But today, we must consider an importan fact; your intention, the real intention for being there, meditating at that moment…the powerfull reason as to why you chose to dedicate your time…a reason which at times not fully defined and obvious even for you…the one making that decision, as if something bigger, more powerfull is guiding you, often even greater than your logical well defined desires…

      Just something to consider, as your every moment, self regulation and the allocation of your efforts, will always have your past and your future in mind!:)

  • Phil and Shirley H December 23, 2011, 10:53 pm

    Hello Erik, When you asked permission to guide and inspire it simply surprised me. As I gave you the opportunity to give to me, my energy increased and became softer and I felt more open during the meditation. Also as I heard the words – to be a witness and not judge – it was as if I was hearing this for the first time (which is not the case.) I took notice. My heart opened remembering the importance of acceptance not only here in meditation but in my life every day. I recognized I needed this fine tuning right then as the energy drew me deeper into that awareness. I felt freedom & gratitude seeing this. Thank you. Shirley

    • Erik Valdman December 24, 2011, 12:12 am

      Thanks Shirley

      What a great example of how both beginners and advanced students respond to first the Energy and only later the Words!

      As we continue our journey together we will discover how words are mearley Containers of Energy…This gives us an opportunity to use all we know and have learned over and over again with new and powerfull benefits.

  • Phil and Shirley H December 23, 2011, 3:18 am

    Hi Erik – I found the meditation very inspiring. My hands are normally very cold. I noticed during the meditation the hands were warming up and by the end and even now they are still very warm and vibrating. I can feel increased circulation. Thank you. Phil.

    • Erik Valdman December 24, 2011, 12:07 am

      Thanks Phil,
      the energy in the hands and the heat in the hands are really two separate benefits. It is quite interesting how they integrate…

      As we discover in our more advanced levels, there is a special channel for blood circulation/ sex meridian wich is a part of the Chi Maridians…

      What is also interesting about the Chi Maridians is that they are regulated by 2 main Govrening Maridians, which are flowing along the very centre of the body, front and back, right along the spine…

      Interesting how the emotional centers are also running along the spine…

      Now, if you can follow all this, let’s mention than the activity times of the Circulation Maridian is 7-9 pm…and the sensitivity of the hands indicates an awakening in the brain…

      Let us try and place some of the things together…

      The worm selection in the hands could be a great indicator of awakening of the Circulation Maridian as it is supported by the Governing Maridian it would be also supported by the Emotional Centers, in this case the second chakra, inspiring Rejuvination and Uthfulness…

      More than that the likelihood of falling asleep, and better sleeping circle is improved as the Circulation Maridian flows into and supports the Triple Wormer Meridian, which governs the Air, Water and Heat in the body, overall temperature fluctuation, where each degree of change defines our well being.

      Emotional centers, as the Maridians work in pairs…and without going into anymore detail, the mere change of Temperature in your hands, shows not only better circulation, but also a renewed perspective on life, as it effects the spleen and the fifth chakra…And Naturaly The Brain Functions associated with these and other complex integrations which we simply receive as a GIFT from the change of Quality of Inner Energy !!!

      Thanks again for your feedback

      And I hope you did not mind me using your example to show the incredible power of our inner system and our work together.

      • Phil and Shirley H December 24, 2011, 1:58 am

        Hi Erik, Not at all! Anytime. Your explanations are really appreciated. I didn’t realize the significance. Phil