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Ending Stress and Anxiety LIVE

Friday, 31 JAN 2014

2:00pm Toronto (New York Time)
7:00pm London Time
9:00pm Bangkok Time


G. has just sent me this question which we will be answering her
and instructing her, step by step on how to
Use HER OWN ENERGY to solve this !

Here is G’s Question:

” I feel that I give to much to soon and I’m to trusting
and when let down, I can’t deal with the let down and with the emotions..
thanks Erik ” G

It will take us 60 minutes together. We will be there LIVE.
I will first answer her personal question and
then we will spend 30 minutes in REAL ENERGY PRACTICE

Literally Resolving her Trust and her Emotions on the Karma Level…

and YOU can get all the benefit !

I will be actually demonstrating
how you too can naturally RAISE YOUR OWN ENERGY and directly
address the ROOT of where YOUR specific emotional challenges are
and where you are held back today, from your emotional freedom…

Do you resonate with this question? or may have one of your own ?

I know, that this event alone can change your life !

with respect

Erik Valdman