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[Daily Karma]

your happiness and well being depends on dynamic growth
the growth of your body
the acquiring of knowledge and experience
and in meditation by discovering a new commodity – the ‘meaning’
dynamic growth which is based on ‘meaning’ makes you unstoppable
as it always creates a vision bigger than the obstacle
the trust and the knowing that no matter what may come your way…
nothing can stop you from moving forward
no matter what they say think or do you will
always be able to continue your journey
into discovering and expressing your uniqueness and individuality
no matter how hard they try to hold you back,
you will have the power to be true to your purpose
that knowing is your ultimate power and the greatest source of joy

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  • Donna Plotkin February 10, 2012, 3:08 am

    Dear Erik,

    I did the Dynamics Daily Karma Meditation tonight. I started standing and swayed in circular movements while shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I did a forward bend, alternated downward and upward dog, then to child’s pose, then to seated cross legged and then back to standing posture with shifting weight from one foot to another. I am experiencing stiffness in my right hand since last night. I strained to hear your voice over the AC. I am feeling a bit bored with the dynamic series of daily karma meditations. I do not feel free and I am not surprised by anything. I seem to have got into a routine. My mind wants to understand the long term effects of this meditation to inspire me to keep doing it. On the other hand, since I am doing the meditations, I have not been feeling depressed, which is wonderful!!! Thank you.