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Dynamic Uniqueness

[Daily Karma]

growing up is
finding your uniqueness
amongst others
not in the isolation
from others

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Children find their inspiration within their goals are survival so the concept of uniqueness is a selfish one. Adults goal is growth, the inspiration is finding and sharing their uniqueness in and with others.

To your surprise everything you need to awaken is now found in the words, opinions, actions of others. not by copying them, that was true when you were a child but through the inspiration that the contact with others brings, forces the awakening of the higher you.

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  • Donna Plotkin February 5, 2012, 1:45 am

    Dear Erik,

    Thank you very much for making the Dynamic Uniqueness Meditation available on my dashboard. I just finished it. I had some slight swaying in my body, my arms rose from my sides, and I stood for most of the meditation with slight postural adjustments. I wound up in a forward bend and sat on my heels with my knees together for the final part of the meditation. As the volume of the recording was low, I was obliged to use ear phones for most of the meditation, which limited possibilities for movements in the body. I am feeling very relaxed now and will go out for salsa practice!