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Dynamic Perspective

[Daily Karma]

as advanced meditation
a mindset of dynamic perspective
you would want to remind yourself
you are not alone
outside of time
so is your happiness no longer independent
but mostly dependent on the happiness of others
in today’s world more than ever
your needs must be co-produced with others
in your Karma for YOU to be happy

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  • Donna Plotkin February 9, 2012, 3:54 am

    Dear Erik,

    Thank you for the Dynamic perspective meditation. During my meditation my head, neck shoulders, chest and hips moved in fluid spirals and circles. I had some play in my feet as well as I experimented with balancing my weight on various parts of the feet while my body was spiralling. I had and still have a slight pain in my right hand from too much computer use. I wound up in a forward bend, and then alternated several times between downward and upward facing dog, then rested in child’s pose and then wound up sitting up on my heels with knees together. For much of the meditation my movements were limited by the length of the cord on my headphones, which I have to use to hear your voice, because I do not have external speakers and the maximum volume of my desktop speaker is not audible above the humming of the AC. (As it is too hot here to meditate with the AC off, I intend to buy external speakers when I return to the US for R&R in March.)

    I need help to understand from the energy perspective how and why individual happiness is dependent on the happiness of others. From a psychological perspective, I was taught to believe that dependency on others for our own feelings of happiness and contentment is a sign of “co-dependence,” which is an unhealthy blurring of ego-boundaries between individuals that leads to emotional “enmeshment” and unhappiness. My yoga training taught me that inner peace and enlightenment is a product of self-effort to do prescribed practices and adhere to particular mindsets as well as the grace of the Guru. I theoretically understand that we are all interconnected energy wise, but I thought that we should try to shield ourselves from “negative” energy until we are strong enough to maintain equanimity under any conditions. Thus, I thought we should not volontarily watch violent movies or activities, subject ourselves needlessly to cacophonous music or other noise and avoid spending time with physically or verbally violent or abusive or menally disturbed individuals, unless it is our job and we are trained to help.

    My meditation was disturbed tonight, because I was not alone in the office, as I am usually am at this time. A Haitian human rights partner was using the office next door to mine to finish a report. I told him that I wished not to be disturbed as I would be meditating in my office. He did not do anything to disturb me, but his presence was distracting and I wished he would finish his work and leave. He finally did, but my meditation was not very focussed.


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