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Dynamic Expression

[Daily Karma]

a new dynamic meditation
a mindset of excepting freedom
a war of fear and faith
in your own being

express yourself in meditation
discover a new self in life

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  • Donna Plotkin April 1, 2012, 2:34 am

    Dear Erik,

    Thank you for the Dynamic Expression Daily Karma Meditation, which I just completed. I am back in my office and enjoyed the meditation for the first time with my new computer speakers. I sacrificed the meditations, due to work pressure, since returning to Haiti after my vacation and was in Port-au-Prince for a retreat last week without an internet connection in my hotel room. Now I am back and have recommitted myself to doing the meditations.

    I started out standing and relaxing and adjusting my posture, head, neck and shoulders and shifted weight from one foot to the other and swayed and undulated in circular movements. I wound up in standing forward bend and tried the crow posture, then sitting forward bend, and I finished in seated full lotus. During the meditation I thought of the work that I have been avoiding doing, the people who I helped today by giving them money to rent a place to live and pay for school fees and the Congolese colleague here in Haiti who moved me by wearing at the work retreat last week one of my deceased father’s shirts that I gave him. I feel happy to be back doing the meditations.

    Warm regards,