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Karma Secrets “The Awakening” Training!

Karma Secrets "The Awakening" Training!

Karma Secrets "The Awakening" Training!

"The Awakening" - Live Five Week Course, Begins Wednesday, November 21st.

"The Awakening" for Beginners & Intermediate Students, presented by Erik Valdman.
This 5 weeks Training is a True Awakening to Your Karma and Your Hidden Potential.

All you need is an open mind and the willingness to learn.

Something happens...within...Beyond your five senses.

The core Karma Secrets Training are practical tools and awakening Energy experiences.

Life does not seem to get any easier.

You have an incredible inner potential, but you are bound by external life circumstances. Your Emotional and Physical Health is in jeopardy. Your daily Confidence and Performance are sacrificed. Your relationships at home and at work depend on your inner Energy.

What will the future bring?

You know that the answer lies within. But how do you get there?

In Karma Secrets you will likely find these answers, but unlike a book Karma Secrets is about the Tools and the Energy necessary, to literally change your MIND.

Naturally eliminating the doubts and the confusions. Almost magically, this inner work, awakens your energetic and biological potential. Almost instantly gives you the inner strength and clarity of thought, to do what counts most. To Take The Necessary Actions Now!

You do not have to believe, but you do need to be there, to experience.

Are You Ready? Welcome to your "Awakening" training

You might not have the Awareness of your Karma. Not yet...But your Karma effects every moment of your life. Connected to your Past, Present and Future...all at once. Karma can be your friend-Awakening your Genius. Your Karma can also be the reason for your Pain. Learning to Consciously effect your Karma can change your life.

Wednesday, November 21st
7:30 pm- 9:30 pm (Toronto, Eastern Time)

You will learn and experience:

  • The Structure of your Karma.
  • The Systems which connect Karma to your Physical World.
  • The Karmic Changes effect your Reality.
  • How Inner Energy Frequency effects Karma.
  • How Karmic changes effect your Brain.
  • How Karma effects or Mind, Moods and Thinking.
  • The Relations of Karma and Physical and Emotional Health.
  • Karma and Back Pain, the effects of Karma on the health of your Spine.
  • Karma and the effects in Physical Strength, Ability to Focus, Self Confidence, Sexual Energy
  • Karma and Creativity, Social Ability, and overall Happiness and Joy.
  • Karma and Life Momentum.
  • Karma Secrets – The Awakening of Intuition
  • Karma Secrets -The Energy To Take Action.
  • Karma and the change of Consciousness, Enhances Creativity, Intuition and Healing Abilities.
  • You will be Introduced to the “Karmic Formula of Success”

You have what it takes. You can Awaken your own system.

Following this Weekend You will be leaving with knowledge and tools ready to be applied in your daily life!

(Please Note: If you are out of the Toronto Area, and can't physically make the trip, we have made it possible for you to take the entire weekend training, from your home (Including Live Q&A). For the First Time ever Karma Secrets will be AVAILABLE Worldwide on A LIVE WEBCAST.)

You Must Register to Attend!

"The Awakening" Training

Cost: $550 (plus taxes if applicable)

Call Michelle at (416) 410-1290 (Toronto)

or e-mail: support@karmasecrets.com

348 Danforth Av. (at Chester) Toronto

Seating is limited!