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Karma Secrets – Beyond Survival

Erik Valdman Photo

Join Erik Valdman Live @

Discover The Secrets Of Your Karma – Training

When : Wednesday, December 3rd

Time : 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Where: “Carrot Common” – 348 Danforth Ave. @ Chester. Second Floor, Room 212

To Register Now Call: 416.410.1290 – Toronto

or Register Online Here

Have you attended Erik Valdman’s  Karma Diagnosis?

One of the main reasons for Erik’s Diagnosis is to help you recognize how much unfulfilled potential you really have inside!

Karma Diagnosis can also help you recognize some of your hidden and more obvious obstacles, challenges and resistances.

This everyday states of resistance coming from Your Karma Energy finally begins expressing in your Feelings, Thoughts, and in your Body, guided by Karmic and Genetic Predispositions the energy you carry expresses in your spine, organs and systems. And finally showing themselves in your ability to take Proper Action !

Want to Know More About Karma Diagnosis? Click Here

This Wednesday’s Training is promising many surprises and even personal revelations.

Please come open minded and wear comfortable clothing .

  • You will be participating in a Practical Demonstration of Self Discovery.
  • You will first be experiencing a surprising connection to Your Energy.
  • You will actually ‘touching’ it and feeling it as the energy begins guiding your body, initiating Self Regulation.

Your very next step will be learning to Apply this Energy, combining the Ancient Knowledge of Karma, Dynamic Meditation and Your Mindset, carefully integrated tools, not to substitute but to improve on your current practice and everyday reality.

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why you may be feeling stuck?
  • Why you may have such difficulty making decisions?
  • Why you have a tendency to worry, or even take on other peoples pain?
  • Why you what to run and desperately needing a change?
  • Why you may be repeating the same mistakes over and over again?
  • Why you are at times so mad at yourself or why you are so critical of others?
  • Why there are so many teachers and methods and how does one know which path to take?
  • How to motivate yourself to better apply what you may already know?
  • How to get unstuck and gain a new positive momentum ?


[ “Beyond Survival” a Five Week Course – Wednesdays, December 10, 17, January 7, 14, 21  ]

For Advance Registration Please Call: 416.410.1290 

or Register Online Here

or for more information please e-mail: support@karmasecrets.com