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At First You Love

At first you love
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To be in such a state
you can’t just think yourself in-love

You must surrender
your most precious thought
and let your lonesome body
guide your every step
Through dark of night and fog of day
Into the light

You’ve seen them
Imprisoned In their own mind
No chains nor beasts
Could hold or chase them
As their own fears would way them down

They see you through their eyes
And think you, prisoner like them

But you, are here and now
Their words but images
imbedded in their mind

As you, like they have,
been through your own pain

Guilt, Shame and Grief
Have too, then chased
your day and night

You’ve tasted loneliness
You’ve mastered emptiness

But now you have no shield
You’ve put away your soured
Riding the wave of trust
You’re stepping into this light
Your journey now begins

and the first footprint
instantly reveals

Erik Valdman, 2015

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