First : Create Your Personal Space


Hello, Thank you for being here.

Before we begin our Meditation…
Let us create your proper personal space.

Here is the short version.(if you can’t wait to begin, this is all that you may need):

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience to be successful. We begin from a sitting posture on a dining room style chair, with a strait back. (You can’t do it on a couch or a bed unless you are physically unable to sit or to stand up.) In the second part of today’s meditation we will be standing up. So please set your chair in a way that you will be able to stand up and still have about two arms length of room around you, both in air and on the flour, for movement. The rest, I will be guiding you step by step in the next 30 minutes.

Let’s begin!

Here is the long version. (if you are the type of a person that needs to know all the details in advance):

Yes, just like all ancient books have been teaching for thousands of years, your physical and your mental preparation may make all the difference between a ‘just a great’ new experience and that ‘significant shift’ in your life momentum.

So here are the 7 simple instructions to help you find your personal space :

Being in the right physical space:

1. Your Privacy: It is very important to do this dynamic 18 minutes from beginning to end, without being interrupted. So, if need be, politely, ask those at home, for half an hour of privacy, and simply close your door before you begin.

Good news: It is just your privacy that you will need. This meditation does not really require your surroundings to be in complete silence.

2. Your Clothing: This Meditation is often physically expressive, so please dress as you would for a yoga class. Simple and comfortable

3. Your floor space: As we progress, similar to some yoga or tai-chi practices our 18 minutes will have a standing and floor postures, so you would need some floor space cleared. If have to, simply move aside some tables or chairs for time being.

Being in the right mindset:

4. Allowing a new experience: in few moments you may be experiencing some familiar and some unfamiliar physical and energy experiences – being open minded should be your very first agreement.

5. Like a child at play – with inner and outer freedom.
There are many different types of meditation. Often they are performed only within the mind alone. Today I will ask you to take a leap of faith. To actually join the mind and the body in a very natural and freeing way.

6. Relax, you can’t make any mistakes – chances are that this is not your very first meditation and you know how to relax and meditate already. Chances are that you are also very high on self criticism and often are trying ‘way too hard’. So today, is your opportunity. Your past will not hold you back. You will let go, and just trust the process, and when the energy is guiding you from within, you can do no wrong.

7. There are no age or physical restrictions of any kind – You just need to be mature enough to follow simple instruction.

If you can not physically stand up, can receive your benefits with sitting down position. Simply get a straight back chair to support you, and then follow the exact same steps as instructed.

We have been always told that all we need is already within us. Now let’s prove this with our next step and experience.

Let’s begin!