What Makes A Person Beautiful and Other Insights [Healers Advanced Training]

Erik Presenting Click Here for MP3

If you have come to this page you are personally invited to the “meditation” part of this training. We will be live ONLINE Monday, July 13th @2:00 pm Eastern Time (just let us know that you are interested and even if you can’t make it live we will make sure to send you all the instructions and the replays)

Please Count Me In For The Next Meditation

Please Count Me In For The Next Meditation

In the above training we introduced the left and the right side energy, the duality in our world, the natural creation of beauty and harmony, who is really beautiful according to the eight year old guru and finally I go in great length about who I believe to be an ‘advanced student”, what inspires people to be so kind and giving and the secrets to not spending your ‘abundance’.

I must apologize in advance, I had to give this presentation from a hospital parking lot, you will hear the ambulances coming in as the emergency helicopter landing, but mostly it would be the birds singing from the small park on the hospital grounds…