What does it feel like to be THEM?

rain dropsWe tend to only see ourselves and then react and not consider their feelings and intentions
But the difference is that we are aware, and they are not
So it is upto us to make it work
Not upto them
They may take years to understand what we already are able to see and overcome
They may never see what we see and understand what we understand…because it is coming from energy change, not as it seems to be simple logic
To look at the world this way requires practice
Inner energy work
Not just book smarts or life experience
So, first we recognize their place
We ask the ultimate question…what does it feel to be Them ?
Only then we could chose our words and time when we say them to be effectively not hurting them, or our relationships…not pushing them away, but the opposite…empowering them, at the exact same place…giving them an opportunity to feel in control, not judged and wrong…
It is a journey and an art
And it starts with knowing yourself
Drop by drop by drop
We get better and better at this
Every day in every way
And become the hidden inspiration they need to know themselves as well
Often Not in the open
They do not ever need to acknowledge that we are right and they are wrong
Often only we know and see how they are transforming
We no longer need to be thanked or praised for our wisdom
We know what we know
You said being persistent is easy whrn yupuyou re be truth to trself
And we know when we are still learning…and we will be learning and getting better every time
If we practice the meditation it will become natural
Our meditation is designed to be the way to be more in the truth with self not escape from reality and support of our yesterdays truths
Through the simple step by step energy body connections
One good way to not make a mistake is to wait, take time and not respond…be clear in where they are, and not ever to confront their personality only speak of each event as a separate moment
Ask guiding questions and help them see the answer…
At the right time tell stories about other people other events…which will inspire them, without you asking, to see themselves in those stories but safely…not feeling confronted and discovered in their reactive moments
U talk on Sunday about pain and suffering
To be patient and to understand that all this takes time…and it is worth waiting…as it does not only resolve this conflict and misunderstanding, but possibly resolves future conflicts and sets a whole new set of rules and transparencies (borders) in a healthy relationship
Pain and suffering are very different
Pain is a part of life, it is a sensation of healing, of growing
Suffering is a reaction to a life situation which could be pain or could be pleasure causing pain
Suffering is a state of not being in your truth
Suffering is seeing only yourself
Suffering causes long term serious illness
Pain can inspire health
Pain is part of healing
Suffering is part of dying
Suffering is the exact opposite from inner growth…a Slow death of emotional and mental meltdown that effects the body in a form of pain which we then empower to bring more suffering and more pain
You can’t have both exist at the same time
The moment we stop the suffering we are free of that pain
We stop the suffering be expending our self identity, getting to discover more and more about who we are
Going back to the special form of meditation wick we are doing
The goal is to improve the meditation technique itself
In the process everything else will naturally find its place
Our inner world will be evident in our body, thoughts, emotions, actions and relationships
just like a mind of an infant is being transformed, so will ours be transformed
The difference is that infants go through the process of being adults instinctively…as adults we have discovered our nakedness, bit on the forbidden fruit and now need to find our way back home, to a place where we are both self aware and in unity. A place were our desires and needs to not contradict with the well being, the freedoms and the inner growth of others
The journey is not a coincidence
Our challenges, the pain, the losses and the gains in this seemingly useless, roller coaster of ups and downs is inevitable and a necessary part of earning the right of passage, to be discovering and using our uniqueness and individuality without the destructive feelings of guilt and shame…
Once we understand that just as when we were children learning to walk and talk, we not needed to be perfect but to just continue doing it…once we are able to enjoy this journey for what it is
Stop judging ourselves and others
Only then we will begin moving from a reactive, destructive state and will become present and able to choose and to enjoy the climb
Until then and to that degree we will be suffering and help others suffer with us
Note: we each responsible for our own journey first
By growing and by living our truth, we become the inspiration for others that we so want to be
This is our life, a process not a place…just like a song or a musical composition or a poetry that we are not reading to finish, but embracing, embodying each and every sound, note, words for its pace and order is not better at the end than it is in the beginning…each step becomes equally important, and not to be skipped, regardless of its level of difficulty…
Thank you for inspiring this 🙂